How Families Flourish

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“How Families Flourish is a combination of years and years of research and experience. As such, I expected it to read akin to a reference book–one that you read in sections as needed, as opposed to cover and cover. I was pleasantly surprised to find it reads so easily and practically–more like a how-to guide. Initially, I purchased this book to be in my professional library, but as I read it, I learned a number of techniques to apply at home. We have already begun working on our Family Charter! In fact, although my children are a bit younger than recommended (5 and 7 years old), they are already beginning to intimate the basic principles of our Family Mission. I HIGHLY recommend this book both professionally and personally–even if your family is not floundering. It offers great insight for actively creating harmony the home, and provides a blueprint by which to do it. As the critics say–this is a MUST READ.”

Nzinga Harrison, M.D., Medical Director and Senior Vice President at Anka Behavioral Health

“Dr. Trussell provides a wonderful resource for families with How Families Flourish. I like how he presents examples and shares ideas for exercises that are easy for families to carry out. His focus on resiliency is what makes this book so outstanding. All too often there is an emphasis on what’s wrong with children, parents and families, but Dr. Trussell’s approach gives a positive and recovery-based outlook. How Families Flourish is useful to families who want to restore or maintain their homes and to clinicians as bibliotherapy for their clients.”

Jeannette David, Georgia Department of Behavioral Health

“I found this book to be very insightful. I was impressed with the suggestions and recommendations that were easy to understand and follow. Too often as parents, we feel the need to “fix” the problem for our child. Doctor Trussell’s recommendation to allow your child to experience the problem so they can come up with different approaches to achieve mastery was on target. This strategy helps our children to learn and grow into productive adults. I found identifying your core strengths to be a great exercise. Creating those strengths and values with your child is very beneficial to improving the quality of life as well as having an effective family relationship. I would recommend this book highly to any family. It definitely is a must read.”

Amazon Customer

“This book may have been written specifically for families but I would argue that anyone could apply the ideas presented in this read. Dr. Trussell offers practical and applicable concepts, which could be applied to any relationship. He has an incredible way of taking psychological material and making it so basic that anyone could apply it to their life, if willing. Basically, if you interact with people, you will benefit from adding this to your collection. Do yourself and all your relations a favor, check it out.”

Jeff Rojas, Parent

“I had the pleasure of reading Dr. Trussell’s book, How Families Flourish, before it was actually published. The section on creating a Family Charter alone makes this book a winner because this “tool” clearly lays out the family “code of conduct” and can help reduce the likelihood of disappointment and conflict before specific problems arise. As an early childhood educator, I have learned that meaningful family engagement, especially in a child’s early learning stage of development, supports school readiness as well as later academic success. While Dr. Trussell’s book, How Families Flourish, is geared more toward families with children over the age of 8 years, younger children will benefit greatly from a household environment of love, trust, self-determination, honesty and well-being.”

Mrs. D

Though all my children are all grown-up, this boo .helps me to understand and interact with my Grand Children and each of my children’s family group Easy to put into actions and easy read and understanding.