How Families Flourish

While some parents obtain a copy of the HFF workbook and feel confident following the program contained in the workbook, many parents request additional training for a variety of reasons.

The primary reasons parents tell me they seek HFF  Parent Training is that they

  • fear that that the transition to family optimization will be too difficult
  • will meet with too much resistance from their children
  • don’t think they are resolute enough to make the program work
  • are in a  family is “too far gone” for the program to work for them
  • think it is too much work and will only have a temporary effect

I offer the following resources to support parents on their journey to family optimization

Parenting Program Essentials

This is a four week webinar that divides the components into workable units, one module each week. Parents like the seminar format and accountability to stay on track to complete each assignment. At the end of the four weeks, parents are confident in implementing the program with their family.

Cost is $249

Family Coaching Club

The Coaching Club members meet once a month for support, problem-solving and exploring advanced techniques in optimizing their families. The Club serves both as a venue to get feedback and support from other parents as well as continued access to my expertise. Parents may share contact info with other members to get ongoing support. A minimum of a six month commitment is required to join a Coaching Club and former members may be offered “visiting rights” if they are looking for some extra support through a tough time.

Cost is $75 per six month period.

One-on-one Consultation

On occasion, families are faced with unique challenges or a complex set of conditions and seek out individual consultation. I want to be of service to families during this time and offer consultations via email, telephone, Skype or in person ion some cases.

Email consults are $25 and include your query, a response and one follow up question responded to if needed. If you believe you will need additional email consults, I suggest you subscribe to an email episode package which includes up to three email consults per week for three weeks (21 days) for $75

Telephone and Skype consults are $75  for the first  thirty minutes and $2.00 per minute beyond 30 minutes.

If you live within 25 miles of Georgia Zip Code 30004, I provide in home family life satisfaction assessments and consultation for $200 per visit. In my experience , in-home consultation is much more revealing and effective than an office visit. If you live more than 25 miles from Georgia Zip Code and want an in-home consultation, the fee is $250 per hour plus all incurred expenses.



I offer at lest one free live webinar  per month and all webinars  are archived and available for replay to HFF Forum subscribers. While subscriptions are currently free , beginning January 2015 there will be a $10 per month subscription fee, payable annually.  I offer additional webinars at $10 per webinar and I publish a quarterly calendar. A free live webinar is offered the first Tuesday of each month from 8-9 PM EST. Your feedback and questions guide the content for each webinar.